Monday, June 29, 2020

Ocean City's iconic Boardwalk

One of Ocean City's biggest attraction... our boardwalk

When you think of the classic American boardwalk, you can almost feel your footsteps on the boards, smell the fried foods in the air, and hear the mix of people laughing and waves crashing. When you visit Ocean City’s boardwalk ,all these sensations come to life. Built over 100 years ago,

The Ocean City Boardwalk dates back to 1902 when several hoteliers decided they and their guests needed a way to walk easily between their places of business while enjoying the view of the ocean. The result was a wooden walkway that was removed at high tide and stored on the hotel porches. In 1910, a more permanent boardwalk was created for the visitors and residents of Ocean City. It originally ran five blocks, but was extended to 15th Street the following decade. When the boardwalk was destroyed in the great storm of 1962, it was rebuilt to its current length, running from the inlet through 27th St., ending just before the Dunes Manor Hotel. In 2012, the Ocean City Boardwalk underwent a complete renovation whereby the old splintering and rotten boards were replaced with new wood, while retaining the old-fashioned feel of its historic past.

The boardwalk continues its long-standing tradition of entertaining families from all over the world. You can’t help but feel nostalgic while strolling the wooden planks of this scenic promenade.
Places such as Dolle's and Trimper's rides have long family legacies of operating businesses on the boardwalk. And that’s the appeal of Ocean City. It’s the generations of family members who can’t wait to introduce their children to many of the same things along the boardwalk that they experienced when they were young.
Today, hundreds of restaurants and food counters, stores, shops, games and rides line the 10-mile-long promenade. There is so much to see and do that the boardwalk is a destination all by itself. Because of these businesses and the wooden planks that give it an edge over the modern concrete “boardwalks” of other cities, the Ocean City Boardwalk has won travel destination awards and is always a top-ranking boardwalk on travel lists around the country. And though a large portion of the walkway is cement, the wooden boards near the inlet are there to stroll along—just as previous generations have—while visiting this seaside promenade.

Even if you’ve never been, the sights and sounds of the Ocean City boardwalk are familiar right from the first. Ocean City runs a traditional boardwalk, with games, rides and barkers right alongside the kinds of sweets and salts you’d expect. Boardwalk fries, soft-serve ice cream, and popcorn, combine in the air to add sense depth to the memories of walking along the boards enjoying the afternoon and exploring the area. 

While it is easy to get caught up in all the great boardwalk bars, boardwalk restaurants and boardwalk entertainment, finding free things to do on the Ocean City Boardwalk is as easy as just looking around. People watching on the Ocean City Boardwalk s one of the top activities for visitors and locals alike. Since the boardwalk is dog-friendly from October 1 – April 30, there are often pups and their owners to be seen pomading or sitting. The boardwalk also is a great place to catch buskers busking. Street performers of every kind, from acrobats to teenagers with guitars hold performances at all hours for your pleasure.

This could be part of where you live

While open year around only a few shops and food places stay open in the winter months. It's very interesting to be able to experience this amazing iconic part of Ocean City in both the busy summer months as much as the off season when it's very peaceful and quiet.


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